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Soleil Crystals

Selenite Satin Spar Wand

Selenite Satin Spar Wand

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Selenite Satin Spar Wand.

Selenite is named after the moon. Coming from the name Selene, Greek goddess of the moon. Said to open and connect with the crown chakra, clearing negative energy and connecting you with higher realms. Can be placed in rooms you want intentional calmness, or by your front door to cleanse energy and auras as people enter your home.

Chakras: All Chakras, Crown

Best Placed in Home: Bedroom, Entrance, Hallway, Office


Approximate Weight: 110g

Born in: Brazil

Used as mindful decor, for meditation, reiki and similar spiritual practices.

The listing is for one Selenite Wand. As it is a naturally formed product, please allow some tolerance in size and shape. Some crystals will have naturally formed imperfections which is normal. Please note as the item is picked from the source, and therefore the minerals are identified to the best of our knowledge and experience.

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