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Hi Gorgeous Souls!

I’m Maria and the founder/creator of Soleil Crystals. At the moment it’s just a one woman band and her crystals - So you know that when you see an Instagram post, you place an order or even just submit a request on the “contact us” page, it’s me on the other end!

I started Soleil Crystals because of my own personal love for the gorgeous gemstones, and their spiritual meanings and attributes behind each one. From a young age I was called “overly sensitive” and I often felt misunderstood or different. It wasn’t until I grew into my young teens, that I developed a love for meditation, yoga, aromatherapy and crystals.

My mum was always in tune with her own spirituality and often practices yoga and aromatherapy herself. She owned an abundance of spiritual books that I took upon myself to read in my free time around the age of 14, and she also burnt incense (like the oxygen in the house depended on it). Naturally, the door to spirituality was always left ajar for me, and was always readily available. So without realising, I naturally felt a calling towards it, and before I knew it, I was a 15 year old practicing yoga and going into my local crystal shop to buy books on tarot, and spending all my pocket money on tumbled crystals like they were pick & mix!

In my early 20s, I was diagnosed with ADHD. This was a huge shock to me at the time, and soon after the diagnosis I spent months trialing prescribed stimulants, I felt as though my sparkle and identity was being suppressed. This lead me to search for natural remedies such as grounding practices, mindful exercises using crystals, essential oils and natural supplements. I now no longer feel the need to take prescribed medication, and my symptoms are much more controllable and considered more of a strength than a disability. I now understand my ADHD has provided me the ability to connect with people’s emotions and no longer consider myself as “overly sensitive” in a negative way; and this strength has enabled me to be much more in-tune with my higher self, guides and intuition.

During my spiritual awakenings, crystals have played a massive part in my journey and development. Having felt a calling towards healing others, and my appreciation towards crystals and their properties, I wanted to share that love with others, so I decided to open my own crystal shop - and here we have Soleil Crystals!

I wanted to create a brand that reflected who I was and what I love, so I chose the Sun (Soleil) as I felt it represented happiness, passion and positivity whilst also encouraging growth and playing a huge part in astrology. Being a Leo, (a fire sign led by the sun) I also felt it connected my own essence to the brand.

Each one of the crystals listed on my website, or sold in person at one of the events we attend, is intuitively picked by myself from one of my few trusted suppliers around the world. I only pick the highest quality crystals that I trust are ethically sourced. If a Crystal doesn’t feel right, I’ll tell my suppliers straight away, and they very kindly swap it until I find one that I feel a calling toward! Our crystal suppliers are based all around the world, in Asia, Brazil and even the UK.

I honestly feel so grateful to be sharing this journey with you all, and I hope you find something here on my website that you have a calling toward and create a long lasting relationship with - whether it be to manifest your current dreams and desires, to connect with your higher being, or even just learning to slow down and be kinder to yourself.

Happy soul searching angels!

Maria xx