Sage & Palo Santo (Smudging)

It’s a good idea to cleanse your home of negativity once a month, and my favourite way to do this is with Blue Sage, followed by Palo Santo which boosts positivity. When I do this, I take the opportunity to also cleanse my crystals.

You can release any negativity or energies that no longer serve you by bathing your crystals in the smoke of burning Blue Sage. Follow this process in the same way with Palo Santo after, to boost positivity and encourage good energy to come to you and your crystal. Remember to set the intention and to always be safe when dealing with fire or smoke.

Moonlight & Sunlight

The most ethical way to cleanse and charge your crystals! And my favourite. On the night of a full moon, set your crystals outside to bathe in the light of the moon whilst setting the intention to cleanse.

Leave them outside over night, and I usually leave them there the following day to let the sunlight charge them after a cleanse.

Natural Water

Cleansing your crystals in natural bodies of water is another sustainable and ethical way of releasing any negative energies that no longer serve you.

This can be done in any naturally running body of water such as the sea, a lake, river etc. Dip your crystals into the water and let the water run over them. Remember to set your intention when doing so.

Please do be careful near any open body of water, and ensure you research the composition of your crystals first, as some are not water safe.


Crystals come in lots of naturally formed colours, and each of those colours hold specific properties and energies which can help you in many ways. I have outlined some of the most common colours so that you can get to know your crystals even better and allow them to help you in specific areas of your life and home.


Pink Crystals represent nurturing energies. Generally associated and connected with the heart chakra, they resemble love, self love, compassion and calm. These coloured crystals are said to be useful in times of grief, to connect with and find a love partner, or learning to love yourself and having compassion.

Purple & Mauve

Purple & Mauve crystals are connected with the third eye chakra. They are said to be useful with treating insomnia and healing headaches. Usually placed at your bedside or in the bedroom to aid a restful sleep. They are known for their calming energies and relieving feelings of stress or anxiety. Associated with kindness, wisdom, protection and aiding spiritual awakenings.


Orange is associated with the Sacral Chakra and the Sun, and therefore said to attract masculine energies such as wealth, good luck, fertility and prosperity. Crystals representing this colour can offer emotional healing, blessings and creativity.


Yellow crystals are connected with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Representing new beginnings, happiness and joy. They can assist with manifesting wealth, abundance, and a new sense of self. Often used to assist with cleansing our energies and boosting self-confidence, allowing your sense of self-worth to come forward.


Connected to the Throat Chakra, blue crystals can assist you with speaking your truth and communication. They resemble wisdom, clarity, tranquility and peace. They can allow you to keep a calm head in the face of chaos and also allow you to connect with your higher self as the colour is connected to higher realms. Often used in meditation to connect with your intuition.


Green crystals are connected with the heart chakra, resembling unconditional love, and can allow you to regulate and balance energy and emotions. They are said to bring good luck, prosperity and courage. It is known for bringing in new opportunities and channelling abundance with finances.


Associated with the Root Chakra, red crystals are known for grounding, providing physical strength, motivation and passion. They are said to rejuvenate the mind and body, and provide motivation and determination for you to be able to move forward towards goals.


The power and energies of crystals have been used for thousands of years around the globe. In this section, I’ll go into a bit more depth with how crystals have been used in practice.

Soul Connection

Assisting with and elevating you during your spiritual journey by connecting to your Soul and allowing you to delve deeper into your inner being and higher-self.

Emotional Support

Amplifying higher vibrations to support with any emotional uncertainties, blockages and allowing higher frequencies to flow through. 

Improving Mindfulness

Allowing more mindful practices such as meditation and yoga by encouraging clarity, amplifying higher vibrations and to be used as a focal point.

Home Enhancement

Allowing your home to be a sacred, high-vibe space carrying protective and positive energies, whilst also aesthetically raising your surroundings.